Sigcom MNS100-APB Audio Power Booster

MNS-100APB Audio Power Booster

MNS-100APB Audio Power Booster is a distributed audio power booster that provides an additional 100 watts of audio output power to any new or existing MNS-100 mass notification system. Each MNS-100APB also provides an additional four Class A or Class B 25 Vrms supervised speaker circuits with an option for 70 Vrms with addition of a supplemental transformer. MNS-100APB is a self-contained appliance that can be installed near the MNS-100 panel or remotely in order to reduce wiring demands on the control panel. Multiple MNS-100APB boosters can be connected together in applications requiring additional audio power.

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The MNS-100APB amplifies the audio signals from the existing speaker circuits throughout a building, campus, military base or any other facility when additional audio power is required.

MANUALS: DAPB-100 Installation Manual    • DAPB-100 Application Notes 

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  • Designed to add 100 Watts audio power to any MNS-100 system
  • Simple out of the box operation
  • 100 Watt high efficiency Class D digital amplifier
  • Activated with 24 VDC polarity reversing NAC circuit and/or dry-contact
  • Includes 4 fully supervised speaker circuits (Class A or B)
  • Supports 25 Vrms speaker circuits and option for 70 Vrms
  • Built in UL listed power supply with backup battery charger
  • Listed for UL 864 9th Edition – Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems
  • Listed for UL 1711- Amplifiers for Fire Protective Systems