MNS-100BAS Voice Evacuation Panel

The MNS-100BAS is a state-of-the-art, 100W, emergency communications system designed for a variety of voice evacuation applications. MNS-100BAS is ideally suited for multi-purpose fire alarm applications as well as weather emergencies, and other threats. The MNS-100BAS accommodates virtually any host alarm system, integrating as quickly and easily as a single primary connection to an NAC output from the FACP. The MNS-100BAS meets the stringent requirements of NFPA 72, UL864 9th edition, and UFC 4-021-01.

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  • 100 Watt, highly efficient Class D digital audio amplifier
  • 4 selectable speaker circuits (Class A or B wiring)
  • Supervised dry contact closure primary activation input
  • On-board DMR with 2 standard messages, fire and weather
  • Optional custom messages – up to 8 – may be added*
  • 8 prioritized contact closure activation inputs
  • Remote microphone input
  • Aux audio inputs for paging, background music, and remote system control

Remote microphone
Common alarm and trouble relays
70 VRMS transformer
Audio power booster function

* Messages are factory recorded for quality. Contact us for details.