MNS100-EXP Mass Notification System

The MNS-100EXP is a highly modular emergency communications system. SigCom’s highly configurable system provides reliable command and communication capabilities for any emergency situation. Typical deployments include fire and weather emergencies, terrorist events, biological, chemical and nuclear emergencies, active shooter and other threats. The MNS-100EXP accommodates virtually any host alarm system, integrating as quickly and easily as a single primary connection to a NAC output from the FACP. The MNS-100EXP meets the stringent requirements of NFPA 72, UL864 9th edition, and UFC 4-021-01.

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Expansion Options
External communications to the MNS-100EXP includes a serial port to link with a Sigcom DTX Radio Master Box and integrate with Sigcom’s TRX50 Emergency Reporting and Wide Area Mass Notification System, a proven end-to-end system. The MNS-100EXP can interface with many radio systems and any alarm panel.


  • Supervised dry contact closure primary activation input
  • 8 prioritized contact closure activation inputs
  • On-board DMR with up to 9 messages/6-1/2 minute capacity
  • Field-programmable 10 minute timeout of message annunciation
  • Remote microphone input
  • Aux audio inputs for paging, background music, and remote system control
  • 100 Watt, highly efficient Class D digital audio amplifier
  • 4 selectable speaker circuits (Class A or B wiring)
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communication with external systems


  • Remote microphone
  • Common alarm and trouble relays
  • 70 VRMS transformer
  • High-level speaker audio input
  • Audio power booster function
  • 8 speaker loop zone expansion card
  • Relay expansion card with 2 NAC and 6 Form-C relays controls other devices
  • Add up to 15 LOCs (Local Operating Consoles)
  • LOC’s run on the core MNS’ battery backed power source, far less cost and less maintenance than other systems
  • HVAC shut down capability
  • 8 supervised contact closure activation input card