Add voice evacuation to any fire alarm system fast with Sigcom. 

Need to upgrade a fire alarm system to include voice evacuation? Life safety system experts across the country rely on Sigcom VECP Series. Our voice evacuation systems are smart, all-in-one solutions innovatively engineered to install and set up fast. At Sigcom, we know that when you save on installation time you save money. Using Sigcom VECP Series with an already-installed FACP is a proven way to win bids.

“What’s great about Sigcom’s VECP Series is that each panel comes complete with everything needed to add voice to an existing system without changing the FACP… no add on modules needed, programming is minimal, quality and support are excellent!”

—Ara Beurekjian, President of Fire Command Systems, Saugus, MA

VECP Series voice evacuation systems are designed and manufactured to the highest regulatory standards and are used to protect schools, factories, healthcare facilities, places of worship, and military facilities across the country. They connect to any FACP and many systems require no additional programming in the field. Each powerful VECP Voice Evacuation panel is packed with features to lower total cost of installation and enhance fire alarm voice evacuation capability.

With Sigcom VECP Series systems, you can be sure your voice evacuation message will be heard and that our support team will be there to help whenever you call.

Ready to get started? Download the data sheet or call your Sigcom representative to request the technical documentation.