With Sigcom Mass Notification, everyone gets the right message

So many of our nation’s military bases, industrial factories, and large complexes and municipalities count on Sigcom’s state-of-the-art modular mass notification solutions to share critical information across multiple building in times of crisis to save people and property. And for over 30 years, SigCom has never let them down.

Our MNS-100 Series Mass Notification Systems don’t just share lifesaving instructions across virtually any size area with ease—they are also designed to be easy to install by seamlessly integrating with most host alarm systems, saving time and installation cost. When integrated with Sigcom’s long range radio technology for wide area MNS applications, the same radio network that delivers emergency signals from fire and security alarm systems to a dispatch center can also carry live voice instruction to MNS-100 Series panels virtually anywhere. Each MNS-100 system is custom engineered by Sigcom to address the needs of each end-user application.

Each Sigcom MNS-100 Series UL-Listed mass notification system is designed and engineered to our highest standard and meet the stringent requirements of NFPA 72 and UFC 4-021-01. These highly modular systems can be customized for any critical environment. No matter what regulatory standard your bid requires, Sigcom has an emergency mass notification system that meets or exceeds it.

Sigcom provides 24/7 support for all our products and simplifies the fulfillment process. For fire and weather emergencies, terrorist events, and biological, chemical, or nuclear emergencies, protect people and property with Sigcom MNS-100 Series.

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