MNS-LOC-R Local Operating Console – Remote Microphone

The MNS-LOC-R Local Operating Console provides remote control of audio and message activation for the MNS-100EXP Mass Notification System. Up to 15 Local Operating Console-Remote Microphones (MNS-LOC-R) distributed throughout a facility may be connected to a single MNS-100EXP. Each LOC-R is a free-standing cabinet designed to be mounted wherever command and control of the Emergency Communication System is needed.

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Operation of MNS-LOC
The LOC-Rs provide switch control and indicator LEDs for 8 messages that are played by the MNS-100EXP.  Throwing a message selection switch on any LOC-R signals the MNS-100EXP, which in turn sends a confirmation command back to all LOC-Rs to light the associated message LED, and plays the requested message.


  • Up to 15 Local Operating Consoles per system
  • Simple, 6-wire connection between all LOCs
  • Clean, digitized audio communications
  • “First-in” priority stations from talking over each other
  • “Commander” unit can be programmed to override all other LOCs
  • Busy and message selection confirmation LEDs provide essential system feedback
  • HVAC Shut Down switch
  • Optional 10 minute timeout of message annunciation
  • Optional key lock or twist knob