Count on Sigcom to sound and spread the alarm.AMH-24R Amplified Speaker

Sigcom emergency communication and alert signals cut through the noise of even the loudest and harshest environments. That’s why you will find rugged and reliable Sigcom signals standing guard over factories, military complexes, schools and more across the country. Each Sigcom emergency signal is designed to save lives, property, time, and money, and is manufactured to our rigorous standards.

When you specify Sigcom’s full line of signals for alarm and voice systems you get the best products available and put yourself in the best position to win bids. We keep our cutting-edge technology cost effective.

Sigcom offers UL-listed alarm and voice evacuation signals for all indoor or outdoor emergency communication applications, from fire alarm voice evacuation to emergency warning, evacuation alarm, mass notification and public address systems. Our industry-leading amplified loudspeakers are available in weatherproof, explosion-proof, and hazardous location configurations and offer the highest performance level and a low power draw.

In emergency situations, a powerful tone or voice message protects what matters most. For clear, reliable communications and leading edge customer support, start with Sigcom.

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