VECP 25/50 Voice Evacuation Systems

Sigcom’s VECP Series includes the VECP-25 and VECP-50 voice evacuation control panels and the DVS-RM remote microphones. The VECP-25 provides 25 Watts of output power. The VECP-50 provides 50 Watts of output power. Both VECP controls have a built-in digital message unit, UL listed power supply, and a supervised microphone. The digital message unit includes 2 voice messages and 4 field selectable alert tones. VECP control panels provide four Class A or Class B supervised speaker circuits which are configurable for either 25 or 70.7Vrms speaker loop voltage



Download: VECP-Installation Manual  •  VECP Application Notes

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The VECP Series control panels are designed for the upgrade of existing fire alarm systems to add voice evacuation capability without replacing the FACP, as well as for new system. Typical applications include places of assembly such as schools, theaters, places of worship, office buildings, restaurants, and military facilities.


  • Connects to any FACP
  • High efficiency Class D digital amplifier
  • Activated with 24 VDC polarity reversing NAC circuit or dry-contact
  • 60 seconds of pre-recorded digital voice message
  • 4 alert tones and 2 standard voice messages with field selectable options
  • 4 supervised speaker loop outputs (Class A or B)
  • Field selectable 25/70 Vrms speaker loops
  • Integral supervised microphone
  • Remote microphone – supervised
  • Dead Front locked Cabinet