5 Reasons You Need a Pull Station Cover

5 Reasons You Need a Pull Station Cover

• Protects against accidental impact of the pull station in high traffic areas.
• Reduces false alarms with the alarm module – a piercing squeal is heard when the cover is opened. The 104 dB sounder deters accidental or intentional tampering and helps prevent rolling a fire truck on a false or nuisance alarm. Ideal for schools, nursing homes and hospitals. These are very important to your customers in cities that assess fines for false alarms.
• Weatherproofs your outdoor installations (NEMA3R) using the gasket set and back cover. An extender can be added to house pull stations with back boxes. The extender also allows for conduit access.
• Complies with ADA standards. The Sentry also includes braille text.
• Provides a long-lasting solution made from high strength, UV stabilized materials.

Why Use Sigcom’s Sentry? Sigcom vs. the Competition:

OUR COVER PULLS DOWN and OUT OF THE WAY for quick access to the pull station. The competition’s cover must be pulled up, requiring two hands to activate the pull station. That hanging cover can impede access or line of sight to the pull station. SigCom’s Sentry is preferred by installers for its ease of installation and maintenance.



The Sentry’s modular design provides flexibility and reduces costs by enabling the specifier to order only the parts they need.

• For indoor applications where the pull station protrudes no more than 1-3/4” from the wall and the wall is a smooth, you just need the ST-FRC-01 Sentry Front Cover Kit. It includes a base that fits around the pull station and mounts to the wall. The hinged cover then closes over the station. The Front Cover Kit is a complete solution for this application.

• For an indoor pull station that protrudes up to 3-3/4” from the wall such as a station attached to a backbox, add the ST-XTR01 Extender Kit. The extender kit allows conduit access from top and bottom.

• For a pull station mounted to an uneven surface like a brick or textured wall, or used outdoors, add the ST-BKP01 Back Plate kit.

• For outdoor applications, add the ST-WPK01 Weatherproof Kit. The use of the ST-BKP01 Back Plate is recommended for the best seal. The resulting enclosure is rated NEMA 3R.

• The alarm module ST-ALM01 can be added to any configuration, it simply screws into the front cover assembly. It is powered by a 9V battery and requires no exterior wiring.

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5 Reasons You Need a Pull Station Cover