Sigcom Introduces SSP-15 Series Multi-Purpose Loudspeakers

High Output Speakers for Fire Alarm and Emergency Communication Systems

WOBURN, MA January 30, 2018 – Signal Communications (Sigcom), a leading manufacturer of emergency reporting and communications products designed to make military, municipal, industrial, institutional, and commercial locations safer, today introduced the SSP-15 Series Multi-Purpose Loudspeakers.

SSP-15 Series signals are supervised high output loudspeakers that have been designed for high quality signaling in a broad range of industrial and life safety applications in all types of challenging environments.

With up to 15 watts of power, SSP-15 Series loudspeakers project sound over long distances and wide areas. Typical applications for SSP-15 Series include fire alarm, emergency warning, plant evacuation, process control, and public address signaling as well as voice evacuation and mass notification systems. SSP-15 Series loudspeakers are ideal for installation in commercial buildings, distribution centers, factories, schools, public access areas, civic centers, gymnasiums, athletic fields, military bases, fire stations, and recreational facilities.

SSP-15 Series loudspeakers meet or exceed the UL Listed standards for audible signal appliances. Approvals include UL Standard 1480 – Speakers for Fire Protective Signaling Systems.

SSP-15 Series loudspeakers join Sigcom’s broad line of emergency and industrial signaling products used for protecting facilities of virtually any size or type. Whether intending to reach occupants within a building or people in an outdoor stadium or across an expansive military base, Sigcom’s emergency and industrial signals deliver highly effective and attention-grabbing results.

Sigcom’s extensive product range also includes voice evacuation control panels, mass notification systems, local operating consoles, remote microphones, emergency reporting systems, and high output signals – all designed to assist military base commanders, facility managers, and security directors in guaranteeing that the right messages reach the right people in an emergency situation.