Sigcom Launches New TRX50 Emergency Reporting System

Highly Scalable Platform with Integrated Wide Area Mass Notification (MNS)

WOBURN, MA August 15, 2017 – Signal Communications (Sigcom), a leading manufacturer of emergency reporting, communication, and life safety products designed to make military, municipal, industrial, institutional, and commercial locations safer, today introduced the TRX50 Emergency Reporting and Wide Area Mass Notification System.

For over 30 years, Sigcom’s emergency reporting and notification systems have been used to protect thousands of buildings and many thousands of people in municipalities and on military bases from coast to coast. The new TRX50 offers a fully integrated software and hardware platform for monitoring, reporting, and management of major emergencies that endanger people and property. Each system is customized to meet the needs of the community, the local responders, and the central dispatch operations.

TRX50 options include support for combined hardwire (Telegraph) and radio box networks, ability to manage and dispatch calls at multiple stations in the emergency center, and ability to add integrated wide area mass notification to the platform.

The TRX50 system provides a long range radio backbone to report emergency incidents from a radio box to a central dispatch location and the capability to respond including initiating prerecorded and live voice messages from the head end back to any remote location.

The TRX50 system meets the stringent requirements of municipal fire protection systems and the specific requirements of the U.S. Military for security and force protection applications. TRX50 has been tested and approved to be compliant with both NFPA 72 Chapter 27 – Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems – and Chapter 26 – Supervising Station Alarm Systems. TRX50 is one of very few systems to be compliant with both Chapter 26 and Chapter 27.