TRX50 Emergency Reporting and Wide Area Mass Notification System

Sigcom’s TRX50 system is a modular, scalable, and secure way to centrally monitor fire alarms and other systems in municipalities, military complexes, college campuses, and industrial complexes. Each TRX50 system is customized to meet the needs of the community, the local responders, and the central dispatch operation. Options include support for combined hardwire (Telegraph) and radio box systems, ability to manage and dispatch calls at multiple stations in the emergency center, and ability to add integrated wide area mass notification to the platform.

Proven Long Range Radio Technology
At the heart of the TRX50 platform is Sigcom’s proven and versatile long range radio communication technology. Sigcom long range radio networks deliver many significant advantages over the alternative radio technology considered for similar applications – mesh radio.

Sigcom Advantages over Mesh Radio

  • Mesh radio not approved for Public Reporting – Mesh radio systems do not meet the requirements for the only national standard developed for municipal fire alarm applications – NFPA 72, Chapter 27.
  • Much longer range, up to 25 miles per radio. Typical range for a mesh radio is only 2-5 miles. Mesh networks require many repeater radios to achieve the same range as Sigcom.
  • End to end secure radio communication – no IT support needed. All signals in a mesh radio system must be converted to internet data. All mesh systems require at least two separate internet connections for code compliance and to assure signal delivery.
  • Two-way command and control. Unlike mesh radio, Sigcom radio technology enables the dispatch center to control virtually any device or system in any location at any time (e.g. shut down the HVAC system if a fire signal is received).
  • Live voice communication over radio network. Using the Sigcom radio network, a dispatcher can pick up a microphone at the TRX50 head end and deliver live messages to all or part of the population at any time.

NFPA 72 Chapter 27 and Chapter 26 Approved
Other systems claim to have NFPA approval, but is it the right NFPA 72 standard for your application? TRX50, unlike mesh radio systems, is one of the few systems to meet the stringent compliance requirements of both NFPA 72 Chapter 27 – Public Emergency Alarm Reporting and Chapter 26 – Supervising Station Alarm Systems.

Supports Existing Telegraph and Transition to Radio
Sigcom TRX50 supports existing municipal hardwire telegraph networks, and it is the safest and most cost- effective way to transition any municipal fire alarm system to a modern radio network.