DTX Solar Transmitter

DTX Series Solar Powered Long Range Radio Alarm Tranceivers

The DTX solar powered radio box operates independent­ly from commercial power or telecommunications lines making it ideally suited for remote locations that require emergency communication but lack economical or reliable access to public utilities. Solar Powered DTX can be configured to operate as a one-way radio transmitter or a two-way radio transceiver. The two-way configuration allows the system to be used for command/control functions that are well suited for industrial, institutional and military applications. Solar Powered DTX is available with 4 or 16 supervised, dry contact inputs that can be used for zone alarm reporting and/or other status reporting functions and can also provide 4 programmable relay outputs.


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Integration with TRX50 System for Wide Area Mass Notification – When used with the TRX50 Emergency Reporting System, the output relays can be used to activate live or prerecorded voice communication to outdoor areas, specific buildings, groups of buildings or throughout an entire military complex, campus or industrial/ institutional facility.

One- Way, Two-Way and Voice Options
Four or Sixteen Supervised Initiation Circuits
Prioritized Alarm & Trouble Messages
Transmits 32 Different Event Types

Serial Port for Data Communications with Intelligent Panels and Devices
4 Command /Control Relays (Form C)
Mass Notification