Sigcom Explosion Proof Amplified Tone Speaker

AU-600 Series Explosion Proof Quadra-Tone Amplified Speakers

AU-600 Series Explosion-Proof Quadra-Tone signals are high performance, ruggedly constructed signaling horns capable of producing high decibel tones and are designed for hazardous and corrosive environments. Each AU-600 Series features amplification and tone generation circuitry that can produce up to four distinctive emergency tones – Wail, Hi-Lo, Whoop, or Horn. Tone selection to the AU-600 Series can be permanently wired to produce a single tone upon activation, or can be remotely controlled using dry relay contacts, allowing multiple tones to be selected based on alarm/ emergency conditions

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  • Designed for industrial signaling in hazardous areas including
    • Emergency warning
    • Process control
    • Plant evacuation
    • Public address
    • Emergency Communication Systems (ECS)
  • UL Listed for fire alarm signaling
  • Explosion Hazard Classifications Class I Groups B, C and D Class I Groups C and D
    • 1 to 4 Tones per Unit Wail, Hi-Lo, Whoop and Horn
    • 110 dBA @ 10 ft
  • Remote Tone Selection Capability
  • Built-in Priority Signals
  • Explosion-proof, die cast aluminum housing with machined surfaces for cooling